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Can U Digg It?

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A serious clubbanger has made it’s way to all dance-portals! This no-nonsense original of the Remaniax has been released at their own label Doner Records. This time with a remix of the highly skilled producers duo Essential Groovers. These guys are on a roll so be sure to find out which version is more digg-able for you. Check out the release on Dance-Tunes.

The chance is small but if you are not digging it completely, there are 2 another remixes by Jeroenski and Seductive that will be released at the beginning of July.

Remaniax signed to Extended Music

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We’re very proud to announce that we signed to Extended Music. From know on all our business goes through the youngest management and bookings agency of the Netherlands.

Extended Music is a management and bookings agency for dance DJ’s and producers. They work with upcoming talents as well as established DJ’s and focus on long term career development. Extended Music is also a recordlabel distributing its releases worldwide. The company is powered by Sony Music and AT Productions. Other DJ’s that joined this ambitious agency are: Roog, Carita La Nina, Ronald Molendijk, Benny Royal, Robbie Taylor, Dennis van der Geest and Misja Helsloot.