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Remix Heaven

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Aaaahhh we are in remix heaven right now!! There is no stopping us.. everything seems to drop in 1 month. Damn those labels and their schedules but be sure to check them out…

Julian Vegas – Puro Macho (Remaniax Remix):
This bomb right here with a sample that sounds like it’s “oktoberfest” in germany will definitely turn the club into a huge barfight! Be Yourself released it under their sublabel “Free For All”. Check it out on Beatport and Dance-Tunes.

DJ Jean VS Peran – Let Yourself Go (Remaniax Remix):
The original was a straight up classic! We were like 12 years old when this came out. Now we got the chance to take on this bullet and make it even more classic! The remix has been released on Spinnin Records. You know where to look: Beatport and Dance-Tunes.

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